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How To Prevent Your Feet Burning While You Are Running

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When you go out for a run, you want to make sure that your feet are feeling nice and comfortable.

How To Prevent Your Feet Burning While You Are Running

If they have any type of burning issues then it could cause you to stop your run early and have to take a day off to recover depending on how bad it gets. 

This guide will cover how you are able to avoid any type of burning in your feet when you are running and how to solve the problem all together.

Due to the amount of blood rushing to your feet when you run or walking, there is usually a burning feeling in your feet which is quite natural and there will be friction between your toes. 

What Will The Burning Feel Like?

If you start to feel this burning feeling in your feet, it can usually be sorted out in your home afterwards. However, there are some cases where the pain can become quite unbearable and you will have to stop our run.

This also could be an indication of an athlete’s foot if the burning sensation is very painful and the friction between the toes starts to sting. 

What Can You Do About It?

There are several really easy steps you can take to try and ease the pain and get your feet feeling back to normal in your own home. 

  • The first one is something most of us would definitely start with. Soaking your feet in cool water. You do not want to be filling the tub with ice for this though. Most people think it is more of a relief adding lots of ice to numb it but it can actually cause this issue more harm. 
  • You need to make sure you are checking the shoes you are wearing to see if they are too worn down. You need to let them completely dry out on their own out of any type of bags. It could be the sweat that is causing the rubbing in your shoes. 
  • You need to make sure your feet have got a lot of air getting to them. Therefore, you need to take your socks off as well as the shoes you’re wearing. When your feet are hot, they tend to be more plump because of that increase of blood which can cause your shoes to aslo rub against you. 

What About The Socks You Wear?

It is important to look at the socks you are wearing when you go running. There are certain materials which are not great for people who run regularly and are much better options in comparison.

For example, cotton is not one of the best materials to wear when running because it retains the sweat from your feet and your socks will stay wetter for longer. 

You want to find some socks that have artificial fibers because they are great for evaporation purposes and do not retain the sweat as much.

When running, you need to have ultimate comfort to be able to properly enjoy it and if you have materials that are making your experience uncomfortable, you need to find a new pair of socks which you can find super cheap online. 

Letting Your Feet Breathe

Letting Your Feet Breathe

You need to make sure that when you are actually shopping for your running trainers, you’re thinking about how you  might need a size or half a size bigger than what you would usually have. 

Your feet will swell when you run due to the increased amount of blood rushing to them. When they start swelling on your run, you will need that extra bit of room to let your shoes and your feet breathe.

Another really important thing is looking at the soles of your shoes to check if they have been worn down over time because this can also cause hard skin and irritation too. 

Athletes Foot 

Athletes’ feet are definitely something you want to avoid getting all together but there are treatments for it if you do. It only gets worse in damp areas which is why you need to make sure your shoes are completely dried out before you use them again.

The synonyms for this are itching, redness and scaly skin. These can be very uncomfortable symptoms and you will want to avoid getting this completely if possible. 


Overall, there is more to this burning feeling than you might think. If you let it go on for too long you could be having some really painful issues with your feet.

It is not just the shoes you need to be thinking about but also the socks you wear. As we said previously, you need to make sure you are choosing the right socks that don’t retain water like cotton because this could start off the burning problem.

You also need to make sure the shoe fits properly and you still have a bit of room for your foot to breathe as well.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand how you can prevent this burning feeling from happening regularly.

This is a natural issue so if you run regularly you will probably have this feeling every now and then if you’ve done an intense run.

However, by following these tips, you avoid other issues like athletes’ feet. If you are someone who runs regularly, buying some new socks and making sure you keep your shoes dry after wear is the best way to avoid these sorts of problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Feet Burning When I Run?

A common run pattern of running to lead to burning under the foot is called an abductory twist. This is where the ball twists (like putting out a cigarette) just before the foot comes off the ground.

This generates a lot of friction and heat under the ball of the foot leading to a burning feeling.

Why Do My Feet Burn In New Running Shoes?

This is usually because the shoes are too tight, inhibiting blood circulation in your feet. Your toes and soles feel like they are burning. This may be because the shoes’ soles are too stiff.

How Can I Cool My Feet?

Simple, Effective Ways to Cool Feet Down

Turn your hot water bottle into a foot cooler by half-filling it with cold water then adding a little crushed ice. It’s the ideal size to rest your feet on and feels wonderful! Place a cold, damp bath towel over your feet for a cooling, soothing sensation.

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