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Key West Marathons – Everything You Need To Know

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If you live in the Key West area of Florida, there are tons of magnificent marathons for you to get involved in. These marathons enable you to experience the subtropical area’s stunning scenery.

Key West Marathons - Everything You Need To Know

You’ll witness some gorgeous seaside views as you run!

Here’s everything that you need to know about marathons in the Key West area.

Hemingway 5K Sunset Run

The Hemingway 5K Sunset Run has been held for a long time. This 5K run is ideal for less experienced runners. It is much shorter than many other marathons, allowing you to build your skill before you progress to longer courses.

The course is flat, so you won’t have to worry about any pesky hills. The race starts at the Southernmost Point Buoy, a cool tourist attraction that designates the southernmost point in the entirety of the United States. This is a really fun place to run in.

On the day of the race, the hosts make a big deal of the event. They lay on tasty snacks, which are ideal for fuelling yourself before the big run. Discounts for local watersports products are also provided for runners.

The Hemingway 5K happens in January, so it can be quite chilly. Luckily, this should ensure that you don’t become too hot while running.

They even have beachside parties after the run! This is the perfect way to celebrate your marathon achievement.

Keys100 Ultramarathon

Our next pick is the incredible Keys100 Ultramarathon. This race is better suited to experienced runners, especially if you run the full distance. This is because it has a longer distance than other races. 

There are different course lengths, with the top one being a staggering 100 miles. We do not recommend trying this one if you are inexperienced with marathons. The second option is a 50-mile run, while the third one is 50 kilometers.

We love the idea of having different course lengths, as it enables participants to find runs that are suitable for them.

Luckily, you can either run this marathon on your own or as part of a six-person team. If you are not very experienced with running, you should opt for the six-person option.

The different course lengths have different starting points. However, they all culminate at Higgs Beach, enabling you to meet other runners. There is lots of food and celebrations held after the race which are worth sticking around for.

This marathon occurs in May. If you happen to be in Key West during this period, you should certainly consider giving the Keys100 Ultramarathon a try.

This marathon raises money for the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys. This is an amazingly worthwhile cause.

Seven Mile Bridge Run

The Seven Mile Bridge Run is one of the most well-known marathons in this area. This run has been held since 1982, the year in which the bridge was first opened. Consequently, this historic run is held on an iconic Key West landmark.

Though you would assume from the name that this marathon is 7 miles long, it is just under. The run takes 6.8 miles. This run is suitable for intermediate runners.

It is longer than 5K races, allowing you to step your game up a notch without becoming overly challenging.

Occurring in April, the Seven Mile Bridge Run is worth trying if you live in Key West. The entirety of the marathon occurs next to the sea, allowing you to get some sensational seaside views.

Aimed to benefit the kids of the Middle Keys, this run raises funds for the youth in the area. This is a brilliant cause that allows kids in the areas to get involved in athletic activities, thus making them healthier.

This is a magnificent way of giving back to the community.

It’s really simple to register online for the Seven Mile Bridge Run. So why not give it a try? 

Cow Key Channel Bridge Run

Cow Key Channel Bridge Run

Our final pick is the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run, which is held every year in April. We do not recommend this run if you are serious about marathons.

After all, this run was created as a way of making fun of the aforementioned Seven Mile Bridge Run.

The marathon is just 300 feet long, meaning that even non-athletes can give it a shot. Many people dress up in cow costumes for this run.

Participants will win the Golden Calf Awards for coming first or last. There are even prizes for the best costume. As you can imagine, it’s lots of fun!

Despite its emphasis on fun, this race has managed to raise a lot of money for a good cause. Namely, the money is donated to Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm. If you are passionate about animal welfare, this may just be the marathon for you.

If you aren’t looking for a serious marathon but just want to have a good time, the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run is the perfect solution. 

How Do You Pick A Marathon?

As you can see, there are lots of different outstanding options for marathons in and around Key West. This is great news because it means that you can get involved in different marathons whenever you like. 

However, this also makes it quite difficult to determine whether or not a marathon is suitable for you. Here are some of the main considerations:

  • The length: don’t opt for a long run if you are not used to running these distances.
  • The location: find somewhere that is convenient for you to travel.
  • The charity: marathons are held to fundraise. Find a race in Key West that raises money for charities that you’re passionate about.
  • The time of year: marathons are held throughout the year so find one that works for you.

Closing Remarks

Marathons are a great way to get in shape. Plus, you can even raise some money for a good cause.

If you are a marathon fan in the West Key area of Florida, there are tons of marathons for you to get involved in. Hopefully, this list has allowed you to pick the perfect race!

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